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Bouquet subscriptions for home or business

Bouquet subscription

Flower shop Oktober in huis is there for all seasons, of course. In fact: for every week! That is why we have bouquet subscriptions for your home or business. Because with a brightly-priced subscription, we provide fresh flowers in your home or business every week!

So every week you can enjoy the colours, styles and beautiful atmospheres of Oktober in huis. It goes without saying that we take all your wishes, requirements and preferences into account in the subscription. Of course, we also take care of the delivery and we will be happy to surprise you with the seasons and the available flowers. It goes without saying that you can indicate your preference when it comes to the bouquets. If you prefer a bouquet one week and a flower arrangement the next, no problem. Let us know and we will be happy to get to work for you. If you wish, you can choose a bouquet from our webshop every week. Naturally, the choice is wide, so we can deliver a beautiful bouquet to you every week.

Even if you want to have a flower arrangement delivered for multiple locations that is no problem at all, Oktober in Huis delivers its flower arrangements throughout the Netherlands and even beyond!

If you want more information about the Oktober subscriptions, just call us at (040) 236 40 52. We are happy to discuss your wishes.

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