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Keeping flowers beautiful for longer?

  1. Choose the right bunch of flowers. A bouquet of blooming flowers looks the most beautiful, of course, but it is also the quickest to finish flowering. Therefore, you might think that you should go to the other extreme and buy a bunch with only closed buds, but then again, there is a chance that it will not fully mature. Therefore, choose a forest where the buds are already slightly open. At Oktober, we like to share our knowledge on how to enjoy the fresh cut flowers you bring into your home for as long as possible.
  2. Cut the flowers diagonally. It is better to cut it too short than too long. But above all, they are slanted so that they can absorb as much water as possible through a larger surface area. Also make sure that you use a sharp knife, because a blunt knife or scissors can actually dent the stem.
  3. Also add some nutrition to the water. This is to keep the flowers alive longer, and above all, do not mix the water with all kinds of different substances. There are many people who experiment with a little bleach or by putting a paracetamol in the water. However, we do not recommend this, as it often does not benefit the flowers. A bag of cut flower food will keep your flowers looking healthy for as long as they can.
  4. Make sure there are no leaves hanging in the water. Remove the leaves from the stems, preferably to the top of the vase. Bacteria easily multiply on leaves, causing stems to rot and flowers to live shorter. It also looks a lot more stylish and “airy” when the vase is not completely overgrown. Also important!
  5. Do not put the flowers in a warm place. No matter how well you look after your bouquet, they will wilt in the wrong place. Draughts cause evaporation and flowers to droop, and heat can also be fatal to a bouquet. Although flowers and plants in your garden can take quite a bit of sun, cut flowers are unable to recover: they no longer receive any nourishment because of the lack of roots. Also, you should not bring the flowers into too much contact with cigarette smoke and ripe fruit.
  6. Change the water regularly. Fresh and preferably lukewarm water in a clean vase is the basis! Flowers love water, but especially clean water. Therefore, change the water regularly!
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