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Ordering funeral flowers in Eindhoven

Funeral Bouquets easily ordered online at Oktober in Huis

Order your funeral bouquets easily at Oktober in Huis. We select only the highest quality flowers. In our webshop, you will find different types of funeral bouquets. Whether you are looking for a classic funeral bouquet or modern coffin decorations, we are happy to help.

What types of funeral bouquets do we offer?

At Oktober in Huis we do our best to provide everyone with funeral flowers that exactly match their wishes. Funeral bouquets come in all shapes, sizes, colours and dimensions. The flowers we use vary enormously, and the wish for a funeral bouquet is entirely up to you. If you prefer a funeral bouquet with field flowers complete with vase or if you are looking for a classic funeral bouquet with roses. At Oktober in huis you are at the right place.

What do we do with the funeral flowers after the ceremony?

Generally speaking, we find that most people do not know what to do with the funeral flowers after the ceremony
is over. Often the flowers can be divided between the deceased’s nearest and dearest. It is also customary to place the funeral bouquets at a designated memorial site. It is best to follow your own instincts to make the right decision.

When do the mourning bouquets go limp?

We use only the highest quality flowers for our funeral bouquets. Our master binders will ensure that the bouquets arrive at your home in optima forma and on time. Because flowers and plants are fresh products, there is a chance that they will droop. The rule of thumb is that a mourning bouquet without water at a temperature of 16 to 18 degrees will remain beautiful for about 6 to 12 hours. Once the mourning flowers start drooping, it is often impossible to make them beautiful again. Should you have any doubts or need instructions, we will discuss your chosen funeral bouquet with you.

How do I choose a funeral bouquet?

When someone close to you dies, you suddenly have to make all kinds of arrangements. A coffin, flowers, cards and much more. How to make a good choice of a mourning bouquet in this time of grief. The most important thing is to look at the person who died, what kind of person was he or she? What kind of flowers fit the character of the deceased? Everyone has a birth story but also a funeral story. Together, we will ensure that the funeral bouquets you select are appropriate for the ceremony and the deceased.

Sustainable handling of mourning bouquets

Sustainable business is of paramount importance to us. We will therefore advise you on how to spend your funeral flowers in a sustainable way so that you can still enjoy them after the ceremony. We buy our flowers and plants from sustainable growers such as Decofresh and Senzaro, but we do much more to be sustainable.

Funeral arrangements

Funeral arrangements can be made entirely according to your wishes at Oktober in huis. We compose the funeral arrangements with the greatest care and ensure that the best flowers are used. There are various options such as mourning bouquets, mourning flowers and mourning pieces. We have a wide variety of products to fulfil every wish. We have colourful and calm mourning bouquets or funeral arrangements and in different sizes. Funeral arrangements are possible in various forms, such as Biedermeier, coffin decoration, heart-shaped, oval, drop or as a bouquet.

You can also personalise your funeral work by adding a piece of text on the ribbon. Would you rather not add a ribbon to the funeral bouquet or the funeral flowers? Then it is also possible to add a postcard with your personal message to your loved one and/or the next of kin.

We help you make the right choice

We understand that it is not easy to find the right funeral bouquet or funeral piece. If you can’t find what you are looking for on the site or you can’t find it yourself? If so, please do not hesitate to visit our shop in Eindhoven or give us a call and we will be more than happy to assist you. We would like to help you find the right funeral bouquet for a dignified farewell to your loved one.

Discover the possibilities for a funeral arrangement

It is also possible to order a complete funeral arrangement from us. Contact us directly via the contact page

Of course, we will deliver your funeral bouquet to the desired destination if you wish. Thus, we are prepared to take all the worries out of your hands.

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